Sophie Stadel

One step out of the door of the school, you are in the middle of happening. Shops, culture, nightlife, restaurants, sightseeings, transport. You dont need to invest your limited time to search for these things, it is right there. People are so welcoming and helpful.
Love the city.

Jenny Polera

My last course was in bigger school and i felt just like a number, it was well organised mass treatment. Therefore, this time, i decided for Worldpuzzle, and it was the complete opposite. I felt the familiar atmosphere, the teacher cared about my progress and as i felt motivated i learned much more this time.

Benedikt Bremel

As a pilot of Lufthansa, I wanted to learn Portuguese for professional purposes. I heared about Worldpuzzle school from my other colegues. As they work as flight atendants, they are taking courses for the last 10 years they recomended me the school and now I understand why many of us choose worldpuzzle.

Alen Omerovic

I had great experience in Worldpuzzle school where I took Intensive Course for 4 weeks. It was important for me to learn as much as possible in that time since I got the job that forced me to speak from the first day. It was intensive and much involving, exactly what I needed for my start. Great, professional teacher.

Marc Berger

I wanted to include some learning in my trip around Portugal and in 2 weeks of Evening Course I learned enough to speak only in Portuguese. Classes didn’t took to much of my time as a tourist. I was still able to meet the city. Comming again in Lisbon, for sure. Great city, beautiful beaches!

Julia Favarolo

I am living in Lisbon for the last year and I had difficoulties learning the language. I took 2 months of Non Intensive course, and not only I started speaking but I met wonderful friends I cherish a lot. Teachers are so friendly and they meet every students need.I highly recomend to everyone!